Monday, February 14, 2011


I am an economist by chance, through the evolution of my career: 15 years' worth of business experience derived from a broad and diverse range of sources on two continents. I have worked as a photographer, writer, editor, producer and bookkeeper. Clients have included musicians, magazines, newspapers, artists, artisans, producers, directors, designers, architects, lawyers, investment managers, editors, marketing executives and eminent thinkers.

Last year, I set up my own business entity, Back of the Envelope LLC, an operation providing counseling in personal finance, bookkeeping, coaching and business services in London and New York City.

This blog will serve to provide weekly tips, tools and advice for readers and customers in tandem with my business. I seek to use my eclectic and extensive knowledge to empower you to take control of your finances regardless of your employment, status or background; improve your relationship with money through counseling and information in a nonjudgmental environment.  In terms of the individual: so many of the tools for successful personal finance are very simple, but the knowledge thereof seems to be out of reach for so many.

The fact is that we are all economists by chance and necessity because we must all balance our cheque book and monitor our cash flow and investments.

Basic bookkeeping is an unsophisticated discipline and orderly finances allow you to focus your attention on the fundamental aspects of your life and business.


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