Monday, July 16, 2012

My WIOX Radio Show: July 2012 Schedule

My upcoming July schedule for my WIOX Radio show (91.3FM New York) on Mondays at 9am.

Tune in online here at 9am US East Coast time (GMT -5 British Summertime).

Monday 23rd January: THE ECONOMY OF THE ARTS & CRAFTS with guest Paula De Simone, jewelry maker and member of the Catskills Artisan Guild.

Learn how to turn your hobby or passion into a side business. Join the Catskills Artisan Guild. Learn about my new Budgeting for Artists seminars and when they start.

Monday 30th July: THE ECONOMY OF SHAOLIN with special guest Shifu Shi Yan-Ming, founder of the US Shaolin Temple in New York City.

Shifu was raised, almost from birth, as a Shaolin warrior in the original Shaolin Temple in China before Mao Tse Tung shut it down and turned it into a tourist attraction in the eighties. The young Shifu defected to the US during a commemorative tour in 1992 and hid from the Chinese government in San Francisco's Chinatown for many years while honing his craft. Now he's best friends with the RZA and runs his newly opened Shaolin Temple on approximately 80 acres in Fleischmanns.

I'm his very lucky neighbour. Chan Buddhism, here I come... Amituofu!

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